Drive Engagement and Create Shareable Content: Dominate Social Media in 2024

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The struggle is real: organic reach on social media continues to plummet. Algorithms prioritize engaging content, pushing posts to a larger audience only if deemed worthy. That has left many brands feeling like they’re shouting into the void. So, how do you crack the code, break through the noise, and drive meaningful engagement? By crafting shareable content that sparks conversation and interaction.

7 Surefire Strategies to Drive Engagement and Create Shareable Social Media Content

Here are 7 powerful strategies to drive engagement on your social media platform no matter what the algorithm does.

1. Find Your Tribe, Speak Their Language

Resist the urge to be on every platform. Instead, identify where your ideal audience lives online and focus your efforts on those platforms where your effort can truly resonate with your target audience. Suppose you’re not sure where, ask your customers. Use surveys, emails, and even direct calls to your top clients to reveal their preferred platforms.  You should also research where your competitors spend time and use audience insights tools.

2. Optimize Your Profiles

First impressions matter! Make sure your social media profiles are optimized if you want to drive engagement with your social media account. Treat your social media profiles as an extension of your brand. Upload high-quality logos, consistent visuals, and a keyword-rich bio that reflects your unique value proposition. Include a clear call to action and a trackable link back to your website. Every detail matters.

3. Inform, Engage, Then Sell


Another magic formula to drive engagement is to share 80% of valuable content and keep your promotional efforts at 20%. The informative content will help you to attract new followers and build trust. You can do this by sharing informative articles, insightful infographics, and helpful “how-to” guides to establish yourself as a thought leader. The remaining 20% of promotional content is to drive sales. Weave in subtle promotional messages about your products or services, highlighting how they address specific audience needs.

4. Quality over Quantity: Less is More (and Engaging)

Frequent isn’t always fruitful; Less is often more. Instead of bombarding your audience with low-effort posts, focus on creating high-quality content less and post strategically. This ensures your posts stand out and drive engagement. Experiment with different posting frequencies to find the sweet spot for your audience. – remember, your brand is unique so you may need to track your posts with platform analytics to identify top performers.

5. Embrace the Power of Video to Capture Attention and Spark Engagement

Studies show videos reign supreme in organic reach, boasting 3x higher engagement compared to other formats on Facebook. Leverage this power by incorporating a mix of video content alongside images, status updates, and links in your content strategy. Utilize platform-specific insights or analytics tools to track performance and identify the types of content that resonate best with your audience.

6. Spark Conversations, Build Relationships

If you want to drive engagement, you must understand that engagement is key! Actively respond to comments, answer questions, participate in relevant conversations, and engage with your followers. This humanizes your brand, fosters a sense of community and encourages genuine connections with your audience. Remember, social media is a two-way street.

7. Cross-promote for Maximum Reach

Don’t keep your social media presence siloed. Integrate it everywhere. Promote your profiles on your website, business cards, email signatures, and other marketing materials. This increases visibility and drives traffic across all your platforms, amplifying your overall reach.


Organic reach is a marathon, not a sprint. It is not enough to implement these tips once; you must continue to do so. By consistently optimizing your presence, and creating high-quality content, user-centric experiences, and genuine engagement, you can build a loyal following and achieve sustainable growth with your social media. Still feeling lost? We’re here to help!

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