Essentials for Video Content Creation (Harnessing Video Content Part 2)

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You understand the power of video (if you missed Part 1, catch up here for the compelling stats and reasons why!). Now, it’s time to translate those great ideas in your head into compelling visuals that capture attention across social platforms. Let’s get practical!

Your Video Content Creation Starter Kit

The myth that you need to spend thousands on high-end cameras and a studio setup or pro gear to succeed on social media is just that – a myth. What you need instead is a mastery of the three components of video content creation. Together, they form a solid foundation that can be expanded as you learn to create video content.

  • The Camera: Today’s smartphones are packed with impressive video capabilities. Learn the basic settings of your phone’s camera – frame rate (aim for 30fps for smooth motion), resolution (1080p HD is standard), and how to switch between front and rear-facing for selfies vs. product demos.
  • Microphones: Sure, your phone or laptop has a built-in mic, but investing in even an inexpensive lapel mic makes a massive difference in audio quality when you create video content. Suddenly your explainer videos aren’t competing with background noise and viewers can stay engaged. For outdoor or interview-style video content, a shotgun mic provides more directional focus when background noise is a concern.
  • Lighting: Natural light is your best friend when starting. When creating video content, aim to set up near a bright window, facing the light source for well-lit videos. Facing a window provides soft, even illumination. Add in inexpensive ring lights to upgrade your videos or portable LED panels for controllable fill light when needed, or to shoot after dark.

Platform-Suitable Formats for Video Content Creation


Think of this as fitting your amazing video content creation into the right frame. Here’s the lowdown on what size works best where:

  • Vertical Reigns Supreme: TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts prioritize vertical (portrait) videos because that’s how we naturally hold our phones. Landscape (horizontal) can feel jarring to viewers scrolling fast feeds so mastering this format can unlock massive reach.
  • Widescreen for YouTube: Landscape (horizontal) video still wins here for a traditional viewing experience. Aim for a classic “cinematic” look that translates well to tutorials, in-depth brand spotlights, and content meant for larger screens.
  • Instagram Feed: A Square (1:1) ratio remains ideal for in-feed posts, with vertical and widescreen gaining ground. Consider what format best presents your specific video content.

Video Content Types: Matching Style to Social

Let’s discuss a few of those powerful video types from Part 1, this time tailoring them to the best platform for maximum impact:

  • Brand Intros: For Reels/TikTok, a snappy 15-second intro grabs attention. On YouTube, you can go longer to explain your value proposition.
  • Live Video Content: Knowing each platform’s strengths is key! Does it allow guest speakers? Do replays save easily? Always best to choose platforms where engagement tools during live sessions are strong (ex: commenting) AND where saving replays for later viewing is easy.
  • Testimonials: It’s Not One-Format-Fits-All: A heartfelt 30-second testimonial is a TikTok gold while YouTube supports in-depth client case-study spotlights.

A Glimpse into Advanced Video Content Creation Techniques


This is just the starting point! Video content mastery goes beyond what you see directly on the screen. Here’s where editing plays a role. Future instalments in our series will dive into pro tricks, but here’s a quick preview:

  • B-Roll: These scenic shots can set the mood. Can include such things as visuals of your office, product demos, footage of products in use, behind-the-scenes clips, or beautiful scenery etc. which can be interspersed nicely with the footage of your ‘talking head’ to keep things engaging.
  • Basic Shot Variety: Think close-ups for detail emphasis and wide shots for establishing the environment. Mixing these ups your visual game dramatically and helps you tell stories visually without overly complex edits.

Up Next: Unlocking Editing & Repurposing

Now that you know the foundational toolkit and how to fit video content to platforms, we’ll dive into basic video content tools and help you master the basics of video content. And if you want to learn more about video editing, check out this masterpiece on video editing in 53 lessons


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