Social Media Contests and Campaigns: Your Essential Guide to Boosting Engagement

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Looking to inject some excitement into your social media presence? Social media contests and campaigns are a powerful way to boost engagement, attract new followers, and build brand loyalty. But not all contests are created equal. This guide will break down different types of social media contests, the key elements for success, and provide tips to maximize your results.

The Power of Social Media Contests

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Social media contests are very valuable. They can help achieve the following;

  • Increased Engagement: Contests encourage interactions such as likes, comments, shares, and user-generated content, expanding your organic reach.
  • Lead Generation: They can be used to collect email addresses or other information for future marketing efforts.
  • Brand Awareness: Contests can help you reach a wider audience and showcase your brand’s personality in a fun way.
  • Customer Insights: Comments and user-generated content can provide valuable feedback about your products, services, and what resonates with your audience.

Whatever your goal for deciding on a social media contest, always ensure your contests comply with the specific rules of each social media platform and with any applicable local laws.

Types of Social Media Contests

Let’s explore some of the most popular and effective formats:

  1. Like & Share to Win: Here, users like your page/post and share it for a chance to win a prize. It works because it’s simple to enter, encouraging participation and boosting visibility for your brand.
  2. Comment Contests: You can simply ask users to answer a question, share a tip, or provide a creative caption in the comments. Comment contests stimulate conversation, help you learn more about your audience and foster community.
  3. Photo/Video Contests: These encourage users to submit photos or videos using your product, demonstrating a lifestyle, or related to a specific theme. Use a branded hashtag for tracking. Photo/video contests are a good way to showcase how customers interact with your brand and provide valuable social proof, and the content can be repurposed across your marketing.
  4. Quizzes or Trivia: Everyone likes a little fun, low-stress game which is why quizzes can help improve your engagement. You can also create a multiple-choice or open-ended quiz related to your industry, products, or brand history. 
  5. Partnered Giveaways: You can also collaborate with complementary (non-competing) brands to offer a prize package with broader appeal. This allows you to tap into each other’s audiences, expanding your reach and gaining exposure to potential new customers.

Keys to Contest Success

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  • Goal Setting: Before launching, define what you want to achieve (increased followers, email signups, brand awareness, etc.). This will guide your contest design.
  • Attractive Prizes: Choose something directly relevant to your brand that genuinely excites your target audience.
  • Clear Rules: Outline entry methods, eligibility requirements, the contest period, and how the winner(s) will be chosen. Make it easy to find this information.
  • Eye-Catching Visuals: Use compelling graphics or short videos to promote your contest and showcase the prize.
  • Strategic Promotion: Utilize all your social channels, consider ads, include them in your email newsletter, and consider partnering with micro-influencers for additional reach.

Tips for Maximizing Engagement

  • Sense of Urgency: Set a clear deadline to motivate people to enter.
  • Easy Entry: The fewer steps, the better. Don’t overwhelm people with requirements.
  • Encourage Sharing: Include a “tag a friend” element when possible to amplify your reach organically.
  • Monitor & Respond: Engage with comments, answer questions promptly, and maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone.
  • Announce Winners: Do this publicly to generate excitement and demonstrate transparency.
  • Analyze Results: Did the contest achieve your goals? Use insights to refine future contests.


Social media contests and campaigns are a fun and effective way to build excitement around your brand, deepen engagement with existing followers, and attract new ones. Remember, success lies in strategic planning, offering value to your audience, and leveraging the unique features of each social media platform.

Ready to Launch Your Next Winning Contest?

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