Tap Into Social Media Trends: Strategies for Business Growth

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Social media is a whirlwind of ever-evolving trends. From viral dances to snappy audio clips, new challenges, and cultural moments taking over platforms, it can be hard to keep up! But for businesses, understanding and jumping on the right social media trends can translate into increased brand awareness, deeper audience engagement, and ultimately, growth.

What Are Social Media Trends?

Social media trends are the ever-changing tides of content formats, challenges, conversations, and cultural moments that capture the platform’s collective attention. These trends can be fleeting, lasting a few days or weeks, or turn into longer-term movements. Various things can spark social media trends.

  • Events: Major news stories, awards shows, sporting events, or cultural phenomena can ignite trends. Think of the surge in health advice videos during lockdowns or the TikTok dance challenges.
  • Influencers: Popular creators can set trends with their content. A beauty influencer showcasing a new makeup technique might spark a wave of tutorials and product reviews.
  • Organic Popularity: Sometimes, trends emerge organically from user-generated content. A catchy song snippet might inspire lip-syncing videos, or a funny meme format could be replicated across different accounts.
  • Platform Updates: Social media platforms themselves can influence trends by introducing new features or algorithms. For example, the rise of short-form video content on TikTok spurred a trend towards bite-sized, visually engaging content across other platforms.

Finding the Right Social Media Trends for Your Business

While trending hashtags may be a good place to start, Identifying social media trends relevant to your niche takes more than just skimming popular hashtags. A deeper approach will require

  • Competitor Analysis: Explore what content formats and themes your competitors are engaging with. See what trends resonate with their audience and identify potential gaps where your business can offer a unique perspective.
  • Audience Insights: Leverage social media platform analytics to understand your audience’s demographics and interests. Use trend monitoring platforms like Exploding Topics and Google Trends to look for trends that intersect with your target audience’s passions and online behaviour.
  • Content Performance Review: Analyse your existing content to see what formats and topics resonate most with your audience. This can give you clues about the types of trends they might be receptive to.
  • Look Beyond the Obvious: Not all trending topics will be readily apparent. Consider niche trends within your industry or subcultures your target audience might be engaged with.

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Incorporating Trends Authentically

Jumping on a trend just for the sake of it won’t work. The key is authenticity. 

  • Brand Alignment: Don’t contort your brand identity to fit a trend. Can you adapt the trend to fit your established tone? If a meme is popular but the humour clashes with your brand, it’s a bad fit. Don’t force it. If a trend feels awkward or unnatural for your brand, let it go. There’s always another one around the corner!
  • Long-Term Value: Don’t just replicate a trend. Infuse it with insight, teach something, or provide a unique spin relevant to your business. For example, a trend around a new product launch could be used to create an evergreen explainer video.

Measuring Success: A Data-Driven Approach

Social media analytics provide valuable insights into how your trend-based content is performing. Here are additional metrics to consider beyond reach and engagement:

  • Website Traffic: Did the trend-focused content increase visits to your website or landing pages?
  • Brand Mentions: Did the content lead to increased mentions of your brand online, even outside your social media channels?
  • Lead Generation: If you’re using social media for lead generation, track whether trend-based content helped attract new leads or sign-ups.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Use social listening tools to understand the sentiment around your brand mentions related to the trend. This helps gauge audience reception and identify areas for improvement.

By monitoring these metrics, you can refine your approach and leverage trends even more effectively to achieve your business goals.


Social media trends are a double-edged sword. Understanding them allows you to capitalise on growth opportunities, but it’s crucial to do so authentically and strategically. By following the tips outlined above, you can use trends to enhance your social media presence, connect with your audience in new ways, and propel your business forward.

Now, let’s get started! Check out popular social media accounts in your niche and identify one current trend you could potentially adapt for your business. Need help? Contact us today.

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