Should I Use Threads for Business? Our Social Media Expert Answers

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Instagram Threads, a close-companion app to Instagram, offers a distinct experience focused on messaging and sharing updates with a curated “Close Friends” list. While both platforms centre around image and video sharing, Threads prioritizes real-time, intimate communication. This shift in focus raises the question: is it a viable avenue for businesses to connect with their audience? Let’s dive into an in-depth analysis to help you determine if Threads aligns with your business goals.

Key Features of Threads

Here are a few things you can expect to see if you use Threads for business.

  • Building Exclusive Connections: Unlike Instagram’s public feed, Threads revolves around interacting with your pre-selected “Close Friends” list on Instagram. This creates an exclusive inner circle atmosphere, fostering closer relationships.
  • Diverse Content Sharing Options: Beyond just photos and videos, users can also share text updates, their current status, automatic location sharing (optional), and re-share their Instagram Stories on Threads. This versatility allows for a more dynamic and engaging experience.
  • Emphasis on Immediacy: A key differentiator is the camera-first interface. This, along with status updates and real-time messaging, emphasizes spontaneous sharing and in-the-moment connection, creating a sense of “right now” communication.

Potential Benefits of Threads for Businesses

  • Nurturing Deeper Relationships: Threads’ intimate setting provides a unique opportunity to go beyond traditional marketing tactics. It allows for deepening connections with loyal customers or brand advocates, fostering a sense of community and exclusivity.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Consider using Threads to offer exclusive, unfiltered glimpses into your company culture, product development, or events. This can humanize your brand and build trust with your close followers.
  • Personalized Support: For some businesses, Threads could be a dedicated space for quick customer service inquiries or resolving issues in a more conversational setting. This enhances customer experience by providing a more personal touch.
  • Market Research on the Fly: Threads allow for the possibility of informal polling or getting rapid feedback on ideas from your most dedicated followers. This facilitates agile market research, allowing you to adapt your strategies based on real-time insights.

Important Considerations Before Choosing Threads for Business

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While Threads presents exciting possibilities, it’s essential to approach it with a strategic mindset. Here are crucial factors to evaluate before joining the platform;

  • Audience Match: Threads is most effective for businesses that already have a strong, engaged Instagram following and a target audience likely to appreciate an exclusive ‘inner circle’ experience. If your brand caters to a primarily casual audience, Threads may not be the best fit.
  • Content Needs: Success on Threads requires a content strategy distinct from your main Instagram. It demands a more informal, authentic, and spontaneous approach. Consider if your team can consistently produce the quick, engaging content necessary to thrive on Threads.
  • Resource Allocation: Managing this platform effectively requires dedicated resources. Ensure you have a team member or the capacity to handle regular content creation, prompt interaction, and timely customer service inquiries, if applicable.
  • Niche Appeal: It’s important to acknowledge that Threads remains a niche platform compared to the main Instagram app. While it offers unique benefits, it might not be the top priority for every business, especially those with limited resources.

Should Your Business Be on Threads?

This is the ultimate question, and the answer depends on your thorough assessment of the pros, cons, and considerations outlined above. Here’s a recap to guide your decision-making;

  • Key Pros: Stronger customer relationships, exclusive content, personalized support, and potential for market research.
  • Key Cons: Requires dedicated resources, and specific content strategy, may have limited reach compared to Instagram.

Decision Checklist

  • Do you have an active and receptive Instagram community?
  • Can you consistently dedicate time and resources to managing a new social platform?
  • Is your brand voice well-suited for the casual, spontaneous communication style of the new platform?

If your answer to these is Yes, then you should get started immediately. Check out this resource on how to use Threads. Not sure how to get started? Contact us for a social media audit.


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