7 Hacks to Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Customers

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How to turn your instagram followers into buyers

Most people sign up on Instagram to connect with friends and enjoy content from their favorite influencers. However, as a business owner, Your focus should be more than just engagement with friends; you should be able to use your account to suck in massive sales for your business by turning your Instagram followers into hungry, ready-to-pay customers.

There is one thing you need to understand right now; Instagram is one of the best channels for driving buyers to your product and services consistently and can be mastered by anyone. Sadly, very few business owners leverage this platform to grow their businesses. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will learn exactly how we, at GROWTALLY, use Instagram to grow businesses for our clients.

I will be sharing 7 powerful hacks you can start using today to get more sales from instagram.  These tips are also applicable to other social media platforms as well. LET’S GO!

7 tips To Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Clients

1. Tell a unique STORY about your platform📈

This is probably the most important of all the hacks I want to share with you today. You need to provide a unique point of view about you and your business. There are millions of businesses on Instagram with some of them are probably selling the same product as you. You need a strong message that will attract people who share the same values as you.

Big brands understand this hack, think about it, Apple’s slogan, “THINK DIFFERENT” is one of the most recognizable slogans in the 21st century. When people buy an Apple product, they are buying more than just the device, they are buying into a vision. I have 3 running shoes, all of them are NIKE because I feel like a champion anytime I have them on, they give me that additional dose of adrenaline to kick off.

Your brand’s story will separate you from the herd and bring quality people who will vibe with you immediately. If you get this right, it will be super easy to convert these people into buyers and raving fans.

2. Engage with your followers📢

Most business owners do not recognize how powerful this is. When you create a post, your followers will like and comment on them because they love your content and they genuinely enjoy them. Responding to those comments makes them feel special. Imagine how you would feel if your favourite celebrity (Mine is Chris Brown) responded to you in the comment section, that will blow your mind, right? This is exactly how your followers feel when you engage with them. They feel the love they give is being reciprocated and this builds more trust. You are another step closer to printing money from them.

3. Create Helpful Content around what you sell. 📝

As straightforward as this seems, most business owners still fail at this one! Post content that relates to your products and service offerings. Your followers need to be clear on what you sell. You can start by creating content that educates them on the problems your product solves.

Use GrowTally to turn instagram followrs into clients

Let me give you a relatable example, In GrowTally, we offer social media management services to help business owners get more sales online. Here we are, creating content to help people looking to grow their businesses with social media. Doing this will attract ready-to-buy customers, who are actively searching for solutions to their problems, to your social media account.

4. Customer feedback💬 and Testimonial is a pot of gold💰💰💰

So, you’ve completed an order for one or two of your Instagram followers; don’t let it end there. Ask for feedback. What was their experience like using your products? What did they wish was better?

Ask for a video testimonial if possible. What we do in Growtally is to ask some of our most loyal clients to record 30 seconds to 1 minute selfie videos stating their experiences with our services, trust me, that is the best way to convince a follower who is “not sure” about buying

Share these feedbacks with your other Instagram followers. Let your service do the talking. Word of mouth is a fast-selling medium. There are products you’ve used today just because someone recommended them. The first thing people look for before buying a product online is customer reviews. You can use this to your advantage

5. Run give freebies and giveaways💃🎉🥳

Oh, this is a really good one! You can massively increase interest and engagement from your Instagram followers by giving out freebies. People love free stuff, and we as business owners can use this to our advantage.

Let me tell you a special trick I like to use, you can ask your followers to share a particular post with 10 persons to qualify for a 50% discount coupon on your product or service. You have killed 2 birds with a stone, you get them to share your business while also purchasing your product!

You do not necessarily have to give out money, you can give out free ebooks, online courses, coupons, and tickets to watch a popular game. This will help you keep your followers engaged and interested in your page.

6. Random shoutouts to your most active followers🤝

The ultimate goal is to get your Instagram followers to trust your brand and make them feel like part of a community. You can do this by creating a special “shout-out post” to honor a few of your most active followers. This is a very good way of turning active followers into raving fans who will constantly recommend your business to others.

7. Don’t be too “Sale-sy” 🙄

Do not Over-sell to your audience, here is what I mean by that:
80% of your social media content focuses on informing, educating, and entertaining the audience. For example, if you sell weight-loss products, most of your content should educate and inform people about healthy living, exercise routines, diets, and so on.

20% of it should be directly related to your business. These include discounts, special offers, etc. that include a persuasive call-to-action button for encouraging the audience to learn more about your offerings which could lead to conversion.

Conclusion: Have a Definitive Call to action🚀

At the end of it all, you desire to get your Instagram followers to take action. Make sure this action is clear and definitive, do you want them to contact you or visit your website, make it very clear to them. Your Instagram bio is a great place to include your call to action link and your contact information.

Making consistent sales on Instagram and other social media platforms is possible. If you follow the tips given above, you will surely see a drastic increase in the number of customers you suck in across your social media platforms.


Although getting sales from social media is what everyone can do, I always advise business owners and companies to outsource their social media management to an expert so that they can focus on the core part of their business.

You can hire a social media manager on GrowTally, we have many highly trained professional content creators and creative designers who have years of experience in social media management. When you purchase a package on our platform, a social media manager will be assigned specially to your business and optimize your socials specifically for lead generation and sales. Click LEARN MORE to get started

Managing social media accounts for your business can be highly demanding. We have hundreds of experts to help you manage your social accounts

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