Trendy vs. Evergreen Content: A Strategic Guide for Business Owners

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balancing between trendy and evergreen social media copy as a business owner

As a business owner, you want to make the most of your social media presence. You want your social media presence to make an impact. Utilising the power of trends can propel your brand into the spotlight. But, with the dynamic nature of social media, it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of chasing the latest viral sensation at the expense of the foundational content that drives long-term results. That’s why striking the right balance between trendy and evergreen content is essential for any business owner who wants sustainable social media success.

The Value of Evergreen Content for Business Owners

Think of evergreen content as the workhorse of your social media presence. Prioritising evergreen content is a key business strategy for different reasons;

  • Long-Term SEO: Evergreen content such as well-written blog posts, helpful guides, and answers to common industry questions is optimised to rank well in search engines, gradually increasing your website’s visibility.
  • Builds Trust: Consistently providing valuable, evergreen content positions your brand as a knowledgeable source within your niche – establishing authority and fostering trust with your audience.
  • Repurposing Strategically: A single evergreen blog article can be transformed into a series of social media graphics, a podcast episode, or a short video tutorial. This maximises your content investment.
  • Drives Consistent Engagement: Unlike trends that may have a short shelf-life, well-crafted evergreen posts offer ongoing value, potentially garnering likes, comments, and shares even months or years after publication.

Trendspotting: A Skill for Savvy Business Owners

While evergreen content is your foundation, incorporating trends strategically has its advantages;

  • Boosts brand awareness: Hopping on the right trend at the right time can propel your content in front of new audiences, potentially expanding your reach and boosting your brand awareness.
  • Community connection: Trends create a sense of shared experience with your audience. They show that your brand ‘gets it’, building a sense of belonging around your message.
  • Showcase creativity: Trends offer the chance to adapt your core messaging in new, eye-catching ways showcasing your brand’s personality and setting you apart from competitors.

Finding the Right Mix

finding the right trends as a business owner

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, but consider starting with roughly 65% of your content being evergreen and 35% trend-inspired. Here’s how to strike that balance as a business owner.

  • Content Pillars: These are the core topics, areas of expertise, or specific products/services where your business truly shines. They become the wellspring of your evergreen content. (Check out this post on 5 Content Pillars for A Powerful Social Strategy)
  • Weaving in Trends: Keep an eye on trending formats (think viral meme styles, video templates, or popular challenges). Can they be adapted to your content pillars while staying authentic to your brand?
  • Evergreen First: Schedule the non-negotiables first – your blog posts, pillar videos, resource guides. Then, strategically layer in trend-inspired posts to complement them.
  • Data Is Your Friend: Monitor your analytics to understand which content performs best. Gradually adjust your ratio of evergreen vs. trendy posts to find the optimal mix for your unique audience.


Balancing trendy and evergreen content isn’t about choosing one or the other. It’s about harnessing both! By building a solid content foundation and strategically incorporating timely trends, you create a social media strategy that both resonates with your target audience and drives lasting business value. For a deeper dive into leveraging trends effectively, be sure to check out our previous post: Tap Into Social Media Trends: Strategies for Business Growth

And before jumping on the latest viral dance, take a step back and;

  • Reflect on successful evergreen pieces you’ve created. Could they be updated, repurposed, or repackaged with a fresh, trending spin?
  • Choose one content pillar of your business. Brainstorm at least 3 trend-inspired formats to present it in engaging ways.

Ready to level up your content mix? Let’s chat about creating a sustainable social strategy that works for your business! Get started today


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